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Welcome to and thank you for visiting our website. We have 16 pages of information, including this home page. All of the pages are linked with thumbnail photos at the bottom of each page, just click on a thumbnail, some of you may have to double click to move to the selected page.

This home page photograph is an aerial view of Lesbury taken from the North East at about 2000ft.

In the following pages you can read a short history of Lesbury, St Mary's Church, the Old Mill and we have also included 3 pages for the construction of the new bridge which bypasses the very old and restrictive stone bridge.

The photos on all the web pages can be viewed in a larger size by clicking on them.

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Any comments? please contact Roger Styring or Max Gerum (amg) by email

Short History of Lesbury
Welcome to St Mary's Church
History of St Mary's Church
Leisure Facilities in Lesbury
The Photo Gallery
More Photos
Visit the new Bridge Construction Site
Historical moment of Lesbury's bridge
Phase 2 - Fitting of Bridge Spans
Phase 3 - Bridge nearing completion
Official Opening of Bridge.
History and photos of the old mill
Church Service Times
Some old photos of Lesbury
Click here to visit the HALLB group serving Howick, Alnmouth, Lesbury, Longhoughton with Boulmer website.