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Here are some old photo of Lesbury taken from old postcards, some taken at the beginning of 1900 and others much earlier. All these photos were taken from postcards we received from people to put on our website to share with everyone.
This is the front of the Old Mill, part of the wall is being preserved and is still visible today.
The Aqueduct that carried the water from the river Aln to drive the Mill Race of the Mill.
Here is something unusual, the Aqueduct is completely frozen. It must have been a very cold winter when this photo was taken.
The 18 Arch Viaduct across the river Aln and carries the London to Edinburgh railway line.
We received an emailed saying they have a coloured postcard postmarked 19th April 1905 similar to the one below. The Grandfather lived in Lesbury and was 12 years old when he wrote and posted that postcard and the person recently acquired that postcard. The same type of photo in black and white is on the page "History of the Mill", on this website, and is dated late 19th century, it also had been stamped at Lesbury Post Office.
The schoolhouse on the left and the St.Mary's Church on the right is exactly the same as it was when this photo was taken.
You don't see this sight anymore sheep being driven through the village, far too much traffic about these days.
When this photo was taken this building was the Village School then and is now the Village Hall. A lot of leisure activities are held in there now.
This photo was taken from the Oak Tree that is still there, we are looking east along the coast road.
This house is today the Coach Inn, we believe it had been used at the time as a coaching house to run a pony and trap business.
The Lesbury House cottages in front and the road the photo was taken from is now closed to through traffic as a new road had recently been opened.
The entrance to Lesbury showing 'Alynside' and 'Cherry Tree' cottages.
These steppingstones were used to cross the river Aln in Lesbury before the bridge had been built.
This is the footbridge that replaced the stepping stones across the river Aln but has now been replaced with a new bridge.
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