Phase 3 - Getting bridge ready for use.

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Here are more photos showing the fitting of the bridge deck for the roadway and footpath, or some would say sidewalk across the bridge.

The photos and text in this page are Copyright of NMP, Simon Rudman and Max Gerum - they must not be reproduce in any form unless permission has been granted by all parties.

These precast beams for the bottom layer of the bridge deck they are laid across the steel girders of the bridge frame so the concrete can be poured onto it to strengthen the deck before the tarmac is put on.
This photos is showing the laying of the precast beams across the steel girders.

This photo is showing all the precast beams in place. Next more reinforced steel to be laid across before the main concrete is poured.
Placing more reinforcing steel across the beams for more support.
Tying the rods together to keep them in place when the concrete is poured.

The first section of the concrete has been poured and is being covered in case of frost whilst still green, or should I say wet to stop it from cracking.

The bridge deck is now fully concreted and all it needs now is the top layer of tarmac.

These 7 Tonnes beams will be place on the outside of the footpath of the bridge to hold the railings.

In this photo you are able to see the beams from the previous photo in place all along the outside that will be the footpath and are on both side of the bridge.

Crane lifting the shutters being fitted under the cantilevered footpath, this is being done to prevent the concrete sipping through the reinforcingsteel.
This photo shows the footpath on the right side of the bridge with some shutters in place.
Partially concreted footpath across the bridge
Whole of the bridge is now concreted, next is water proofing the deck.
Started water proofing the deck of the bridge.
Footpath across the bridge with nonslip tarmac in place.
Preparing to tarmac the bridge. After a week of wintry weather at last the work can begin to lay the tarmac. Today is the 1 of March 2004.
The laying of the tarmac on the bridge. Only a few more days and the bridge will be open for traffic.
The road markings on the road from Hipsburn and across the bridge completed when this photo was taken. The rest of the new road should be completed by the 5th of March.
Areal view of the bridge.
The opening of the bridge with the first car across.
The opening of the bridge was slightly behind schedule but traffic is now flowing freely across it.
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