is an ancient parish church where for many centuries Christians have gathered to join in the worship of the living God. People of all ages have sought and found his presence in the peace and tranquility of this place.
We are a very small community but realise the responsibility we have of maintaining our heritage and as faithful stewards of our inheritance to preserve it for future generations.
May your visit not only be enjoyable but an enriching experience and before you leave to continue your journey, please pray for our life and work for God here in this village.
We pray that the Lord will be your constant companion as you continue your pilgrimage through life.

When you enter the church to look around why not take a seat in the prayer corner. A candle is lit to welcome you and why not light a candle yourself for family or friends you miss, whilst you say a quiet prayer.

A page is attached about church services at St. Mary's and the other churches in this benefice.

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